Where the house isn't on fire, Casa Furniture's prices are on fire! 

Ours is a furniture store that has become even larger than life for many of the tens of thousands of customers that have patronized any one of our brick and mortar over the years since the store's founding in 2000.

The store has become known for the lowest prices in town, quick, efficient "no frills" delivery, and customer service that redefines the word, "smile." Over the years, the accolades and reviews have inspired recommendations and referrals from neighbors and relatives to choose Casa Furniture over any other furniture or mattress source.

In 2005 and forward, Casa Furniture has been ranked among the country's top 150 furniture chains in the USA by sales. This is no small feat given the Washington, DC market, the competition, and the average square footage of our stores is very small. Maybe, the best treasures come in small packages.

Moreover, Casa Furniture sells more mattresses than any other mattress or furniture store in Washington, DC, Maryland, or Virginia.