Casa Furniture, Inc. is also known for its unorthodox advertising on our CASA YouTube Channel and commercials over the years. This helped brand Casa Furniture as the premier mattress and furniture provider in the tri-state area.

But, how can such a small chain of furniture stores named Casa Furniture, pack such a wallop of a punch to bring such prices that have been previously unheard of in the marketplace. First, Casa has always been known as a savvy purchaser of goods for its demanding customers. Casa searches the globe year around to find the best deals for its consumers. Then, it arranges to have the products imported directly to eliminate the middleman and pass the savings on to you, the valued customer. Secondly, Casa works with two factories who produce exclusively for Casa Furniture and nobody else. The style, quality and price has always been on the cutting edge given this factory to the consumer direct line.Third, is our pricing strategy. Casa Furniture marks the product prices up so minimally that the price to consumers is often well below wholesale. Our competition preys on the unsuspecting consumer which may stray into their store and pay top dollar. Meanwhile, Casa makes up in volume what others charge in price. And lastly, Casa takes a "no frills" warehouse concept in its presentation of the furniture and mattress products. "An educated consumer is our best customer" who appreciates a value when he/she sees it, but does not need the glamor of an expensive showroom to purchase goods.

Casa's success has not gone unnoticed, even by the powers that be. In 2010, Casa won a contract over some of the keenest competition in the United States to provide furniture and mattresses to the best customers in the world..our soldiers and airmen of the US Army and US Air Force. As an Army and Air Force Exchange Services (AAFES) partner, Casa provides the same quality and pricing to the military and their extended families on military bases throughout the US. And, like everywhere else, the best compliment we have received from those customers is to have received countless referrals for Casa to their friends and family. We are indeed proud of our US military and our soldiers' service to their country. We are proud to help our soldiers in any way possible. Check this website or call to see our current base schedule for the year.

Then comes our advanced, lean forward thinking. With the launch of our new e-commerce website in 2011, Casa Furniture has opened a new chapter in its long history of pioneering in the furniture industry. Our goal is to provide the same level of outstanding service, price, and quality to our on-line family of customers as we have to our brick and mortar. The fact is we have..the proof is in the reviews and the repeat customers.

Recently, the news for Casa Furniture has just gotten better. When the community in which we are a part of recognizes your contribution to you know you got it right. Washington, DC in general, and Child and Family Services specifically, recently awarded one of the largest furniture and services contracts to Casa Furniture to help their neediest families with mattresses and furniture. This is truly in the spirit of giving back to the community and Casa Furniture takes pride in helping some of the less fortunate fellow citizens of Washington,DC, Maryland, and Virginia.