Casa Furniture, Inc.'s partners are our strength. We believe in creating and maintaining strategic partnerships with the highest quality and reputable partners in the furniture industry. Our philosophy of expecting from a relationship what we invest in the same has proven invaluable over the years and has made Casa Furniture the legendary success story that it is.

To get to the level of sales in mattresses that our store has achieved, we have relied on some of the most efficient mattress manufacturers available. Our exacting standards of quality, workmanship, and price and service have produced some of the best mattresses at the lowest prices available in the marketplace. We celebrate our quality vendors and rely on them for their superior warranties on their products.

Where living rooms are concerned, Casa Furniture has formed an invaluable partnership with Southern Comfort Furniture, an Amor Furniture and Bedding, LLC brand, located in the heart of the furniture industry in Liberty, North Carolina. Southern Comfort Furniture produces all of our domestically produced living rooms to our highest standards. Sleep Line Bedding, another Amor Furniture and Bedding, LLC Brand, produces all of Casa's promotional bedding at incredible prices with incredible quality. We maintain a level of quality control that others can only dream of to pass along price, quality, and comfort. These are qualities that Casa's customers have long come to expect and well deserve.

Our imported goods all come by definition, overseas where our trained quality control experts and deal hunters seek out and provide some of the most amazing deals in the furniture industry. It allows Casa Furniture customers to shop in confidence with price and quality guarantees unmatched by our competition.

If you have ever wondered why customers are happy and continually is the source of more referrals than ever, just consider that it all starts with our factories, importers, and suppliers. This is in part how, "Casa Furniture does it..." now you know the full story.