Akerson Bedroom Suite Grey

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A K E R S O N   B E D R O O M   S U I T E   G R E Y   5 PCS
B4620-TWIN 42.2"x2.4"x56.5"H 42"x2.4"x16.7"H
B4620-FULL 57.2"x2.4"x56.5"H 57"x2.4"x16.7"H
B4620-QUEEN 63.4"x2.4"x56.5"H 63"x2.4"x16.7"H
B4620-KING 79.4"x2.4"x56.5"H 79"x2.4"x16.7"H
B4620-1 Dresser 58.1''x16.4''x37.1''H
B4620-11 Dresser top 39.1''x0.9''x35.1''H
B4620-2 Night Stand 23.6''x16.4''x24.8''H
B4620-3 Chest  31.1''x16.4''x50.4''H


The geometric tiled wood on the headboard provides a stylish focal point for your laid-back bedroom. The clean lines and calming grey finish eliminates unnecessary frills, because your life doesn't need any more distractions. Retreat to a place of perfect zen with this simple and sleek bed. Available a wide range of sizes for kid, guest, or master bedrooms.

  • Warm grey finish
  • Contemporary style
  • Chrome-colored metal bar pulls




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