Clairmont Cocktail Set

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C L A I R M O N T    C O C K T A I L     S E T
4211-01 Coffee Table 47.8"x23.8"x18"H
4211-02 End Table 22"x20"x22"H
4211-05 Sofa Table 48"x18"x29.75"H


  • This table features small casters or wheels that allow you to easily move the table around to your desired location.
  • Make room to exercise in front of your television or create extra play space for children by easily moving the table out of the way and putting it back when you're finished.
  • With reclining furniture it allows space to recline when you need it. If you frequently snack or dine in your living room, set your food and drink on the table and pull it closer to you to reduce spills.
  • Make the most of your living space by taking advantage of this item's easy mobility.