Brooks Coffee Table

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Product Overview

B R O O K S     C O F F E E     T A B L E
4118-01 Brooks Coffee Table 47.3"x27.5"x18"H


  • When you welcome this coffee table into your decor, you're dedicated to making a bold, industrial style statement.
  • That's because this piece doesn't just provide you with extra table space.
  • With its metal, film reel-like casters of two varying sizes, this piece provides you with plenty of personality too.
  • This personality is only further bolstered by the distressed finish of its casters and the way this contrasts with the distressed finish of its wood top.
  • Its top has metal accents with bolts as well to create even more visual intrigue, ensuring this piece is the focal point of whichever room you choose to put it in.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review