Bardstown Counter Height Table I

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B A R D S T O W N    C O U N T E R     H E I G H T     T A B L E
2752T-4278 Counter Table 42"x60"~78"x36"H
2752S-24 Chair 19.5"x21.3"x41"H
5PC Table + 3 hairs + 1 Bench 
2752-BENCH Bench 48"x15.8'x24"H
2752-SERVER Server 54"x18"x36"H


  • Provide space for entertaining by using the included table leaf in your dining table.
  • Keep the leaf in all the time if you need a larger table or only use them when you have guests over.
  • Table leaves allow you to create an eating space that fits your family size, entertaining needs, and dining room capacity.